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Updates & Release Notes

Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 9/27
Date released: 09/27/2022
* Balance adjustments to Blood Pact
-- Damage will now be more dependent on your magic stat, preventing the issues of unlevelled equipment doing higher than expected damage
* Prep for October content
* Renamed "Raise Dead" to "Summon Dead"
* Fixed an issue that may have caused the "Daily Income" dialog to not show for some players
* Performance improvements
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server Patch: 9/15
Date released: 09/15/2022
* To differentiate with Summoner spells, the "Summon Dead" spells have been renamed to "Nekrosis"
* Origin Town building placements are now better preserved when moving your Origin Town to a new location
* Gilgamesh balance adjustments:
-- Spiked Shield: this skill now has the highest penetration of the Spiked Shields, but consumes less Ward. Additionally, it now has a static 5% miss chance.
-- Spiked Shield II: this skill now has the higher penetration than before, consumes less Ward, and has a static 5% miss chance.
-- Spiked Shield III: this skill now has slightly more penetration than before and has a static 5% miss chance.
-- Guarding Strikes II, Guarding Strikes III: these skills now have more penetration and uses less mana.
-- The HP (and therefore Ward) of Gilgamesh was slightly increased
* Summoner classline balance adjustments
-- Increased the turn speed of all summons in battle (this was actually included in v3.3)
-- Blood Pact II is now a 1 turn spell
-- Blood Pact III is now a 2 turn spell
-- Life Pact II is now a 1 turn spell
-- Life Pact III is now a 2 turn spell
-- Achlys Pact is now a 1 turn spell
-- Rhada Pact II is now a 1 turn spell
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 09/12/2022
* Core engine rewrite: the game is snappier and more lightweight
* New Origin Town building: the Appraiser
* New Fishing experience
* Current material counts now show in the Altar of Ascension
* Bug fixes, sprite updates, and other misc improvements
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 08/31/2022
* New classline: the Summoners
-- Find Horus in the world to learn more
* September content: Riftfall
* To lessen the chance of repeat matches in Kingdom wars, rosters are now slightly shuffled before matching
* Orns won in Kingdom wars are now determined by total battles (opposed to battles won)
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 08/04
Date released: 08/04/2022
* Memory hunting: Less desired Amity traits can now only seed as the secondary or tertiary trait of an Superior+ Amity
* Zwei-Fencer: Added the "Sweep" ability
* Increased the heal rate of the Windswept status effect. Additionally, it can now be healed via the "Dispey" and "Clease" spells
* Exploiting multiple elemental weaknesses simultaneously via Omnimancy will no longer apply the weakness damage modifier multiple times
* Due to low interest and engagement, Live PvP has been removed from the Arena. Live PvP from the Allies menu remains
Orna: The GPS RPG
July Mechanics Patch
Date released: 07/25/2022
* New Specialization: The Zwei-Fencer
* Kingdoms can now receive orns from completing Kingdom quests. Additionally, completing Kingdom quests will contribute to a Kingdom’s level
* The Bloodshift status effect now blocks healing, no longer deals damage over time, and its temporary stat boosts are rolled in to the effect itself
* Fixed an issue that may have caused the description of some Amities to have their shown values rounded up or down by 1%. This change does not effect the actual values in use during battle

* Follower adjustments:
-- Anubis: Replaced Lacunus with Fire Sigil, Ice Sigil, Earth Sigil, Lightning Sigil
-- Crow: Added Peck
-- Dog: Added Heal
-- Wolf: Added Bite, Great Heal
-- Hellhound: Added Doublecut, Mute, Threaten
-- Zu: Added Peck
-- Reaper: Lowered attack, added Scythestrike and Horizontal Slash
-- Twilight Wisp: Slightly lowered the heal chance
-- Fjalar: Added Aerial Barrage
-- Fafnir: Added Pray II and Revive III
-- Scruug: Replaced skills with Miasma, Wail, Winter Wind
-- Ebon Scruug: Replaced skills with Wail, Despair, Hubris, Miasma II, Winter Wind III
-- Cthulhu: Removed Drain II, Mindblast, Tidalseal, Tidalstrike, added Octoblast, Fey spells
-- Mighty Slime: Added Bastion III, Sortie, Provoke II
-- Ortanite Golem: Added Provoke II, Mend Wall III
-- Undead Golem: Removed Mend Wall III, Added Provoke II, Golem’s Fortitude, Ward of Bone
-- Fey Dragon: Replaced skills with Winter Wind II, Natura II, Wildfire II, Chain Lightning II
-- Storm Dragon: Added Chain Lightning
-- Ice Dragon: Added Winter Wind
-- Fire Dragon: Added Wildfire
-- Earth Dragon: Added Natura
-- Dark Dragon: Replaced skills with Sleep, Casted Shadows, Nightmare
-- Griffin & Mighty Griffin: Added the Tempest and Tempest II skills
-- Pegasus: Added Pray, Revive
-- Great Pegasus: Added Pray II, Revive III
-- Dark Pegasus: Added Casted Shadows II
-- Turul: Added Aerial Barrage, Peck
-- Colossus: Replaced skills with Protection II, Onslaught, Stone Stare
-- Cerberus: Added Appease II
-- Warg: Added Appease
-- Gwyllgi: Added Appease II
-- Dire Wolf: Added Appease II
-- Steward Wolf: Added Appease II
-- Succubus: Added Haste+
-- Harpy: Added Haste

* New Followers:
-- Great Reaper
-- Living Sword/Breathing Sword
-- Living Dagger/Breathing Dagger
-- Living Hammer/Breathing Hammer
-- Living Armor/Breathing Armor
-- Living Arsenal/Living Arch-Armor
-- Mammon Acolyte

* Improvements to Follower AI
-- Followers can now make more intelligent situational decisions
-- Followers can now make more appropriate decisions when in Party Play

* Improvements to Memory Hunting:
-- Increased the memory interaction range to 250 meters
-- Fixed an issue that could cause shattered memories to spawn on water
-- Improvements to memory hunt seed generation
-- Memories are now visible on the “Items” layer instead of “Events” layer
-- Slightly decreased the effectiveness of the Hybrid skill Amity trait
-- Unlocked some additional Amity effects

* Removed the warmup turns of Diffuse Ward I & II. Lessened the warmup turns on Diffuse Ward III
* A few new items, monsters, and skills
* Increased the amount of PvP brackets for T10/T11 players
* The T11 arena drop pool is now equal to the T10 drop pool
* Slightly tightened Kingdom War matchmaking criteria
* Follower names and renamed area names are no longer shown when a player is blocked
* Addressed some performance issues in Other Realms
* Bug fixes
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 07/21/2022
* August content: Get ready for dragons!
* Assets for the July Mechanics Patch
* New monster sprites
* Memories now show on the "Items" layer
* Bug fixes
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 5/30
Date released: 05/30/2022
Per recent feedback about Memory Hunts:

* Addressed an issue that may have caused Diluted Mnemonics to not be produced as frequently as wanted from the Oracle Temple
* Further buffed the rate of getting Diluted Mnemonics from the Oracle Temple
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 05/26/2022
* Memory Hunts
-- Players can now enjoy our new GPS feature: Memory Hunting
-- Perform Memory Hunts to attain Amities, a new equipment item that gives unique passive player traits
* Translations for Chinese (Simplified)
* New Building: the Oracle Temple
-- Used in the crafting of items for Memory Hunting
* New specialization: the Oracle
* Arcane enchanting is now possible at the Demonforge
* Additional new sprites and artwork
* The codex can now be searched by item drop name
* Elemental alignments for affect your Follower as well
* Life siphon effects now proc once per turn, rather than per item/passive
* Misc bug fixes and improvements
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 04/13/2022
* Rise of the Unfelled is now available in French
* Improved the visual distinction and size of some buildings
* Reduced the effective touch area of larger buildings
* Bug fixes
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 4/4
Date released: 04/04/2022
* Fixed an issue that may have caused live PvP to double match players
* Live PvP now has a turn time limit of 15 seconds. Afterwards, the AI should take over for the turn
* You can now flee live PvP matches
* World monster despawn is now less aggressive
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 3/30
Date released: 03/30/2022
Hey travelers - thanks a ton for trying out the new storyline!

To address your feedback, we have performed a server patch that will allow players that had previously started the old storyline, "The Aftermath", to continue it alongside the new storyline, "Rise of the Unfelled".

Please note that Dungeon and Gauntlet rewards will still only reflect your progress in "Rise of the Unfelled" if you have begun the new storyline.
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 03/28/2022
* New Storyline: Rise of the Unfelled
-- Existing players can migrate to this storyline at their discretion
-- Migrating to this new storyline will remove access to the previous storyline
-- The storyline is currently available in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Vietnamese, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese, Korean
* A fresh new interface for Area Exploration & Control
* To reduce player confusion, the Ghost term has been removed
* Most building types now cost gold instead of orns
* New building sprites
* New Quality of Life improvements to the build menu
* Spiked Shield balance adjustments
-- Spiked Shield can no longer crit
-- Spiked Shield better respects the actor's attack stat and the opponent's defense stack, reducing its previous armor piercing
-- The penalty for using Spiked Shield on classes other than Gilgamesh has been lessened
* Ascended players can now reverse their ascension levels, returning some of the materials spent
* Added an achievement for Live PvP
* Greatly increased live PvP rewards
* Balance: Improved the additional follower action rate given by the passives Valhallan Way and Valhallan Strength
* The Sleep status effect is now removed upon receiving damage
* Players can now opt to not summon event raids when using Summoning Scrolls
* Multiple potions can now be crafted at once in the Herbalist
* Due to increasing device limitations, removed Android 5 & 5.1 support
* Improvements to World monster seeding logic
* New PvE content
* Bug fixes and performance improvements
Orna: The GPS RPG
2021 H2 Mechanics Patch
Date released: 12/21/2021
* Slightly increased class stats
* Removed bonus follower synergy with Tamer/Beastmaster, but buffed follower passives to meet the same stat values (or greater) as before
* Removed Mana Siphon and Critical Hits passives
* Valhallan Protection rate increased by 4%
* New Passives:
-- Ascension Synergy: Your Ascension level will now increase follower stats as well
* New skills:
-- Call of Skadi: Increases the chance of your follower performing an offensive spell.
-- Call of Jord: Greatly increases the chance of your follower protecting you.

* Removed bonus follower synergy with Beastmaster, but buffed follower passives to meet the same stat values as before
* New skills:
-- Call of Brynhild: Increases the chance of your follower performing a buff or debuff.

* Removed bonus follower synergy with Tamer/Beastmaster, but buffed follower passives to meet the same stat values as before
* New skills:
-- Call of Idun: Increases the chance of your follower performing a healing spell.

* Slightly increased class stats
* Removed the HP Siphon passive
* New passives:
-- The Deity: Deific Channel is occasionally automatically cast while in battle

* Increased magic stat to be more competitive with melee classes
* Added the Steadfast II passive
* Iconoclast now begins its effect from 100% mana, rather than from 50% mana

* Increased magic stat to be more competitive with melee classes
* Added the Life Siphon passive ability
* New skills:
-- Refract: Grants a great chance to return some to all of an opponent's attack damage back at them. Refractions are more successful when magic users attempt them.

Grand Mystic:
* New skills:
-- Reflect: Grants a chance to return a portion of an opponent's attack back at them. Reflections are more successful when magic users attempt them.

* New skills:
-- Counterattack: Grants a chance to return a portion of an opponent's attack back at them. Counterattacks are favorable to win in PvP draws.

* Removed the Last Breath passive
* New passives:
-- Annwn Subterfuge: It is easier to apply status effects to your opponents. Additionally, status effects given to your opponent will last longer.
* New skills:
-- Counterattack II: Grants a great chance to return a portion of an opponent's attack back at them. Counterattacks are favorable to win in PvP draws.

* New skillset: Flame VI, Spark VI, Tremor VI, Frost VI, Lacunus II

Other changes:
* The new "Call of..." skills will work most effectively with Valhallan classes
* Hybrid classes such as the faction god classes and Valhallan classes now have their Attack and Magic stats equalized
* Defeated World Raid Bosses now extra random item and material rewards
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 10/21/2021
* Translations for Hungarian and Romanian
* Revamped battle system and enemy AI
* Themed Dungeons
* Live PvP in the Arena
* Refreshed menus and many user interface improvements
* Added an in-battle options menu to control visibility of some battle settings
* Added "Horde mode" to Dungeons, allowing solo players to fight hordes of enemies at once|
* The Arena, Dungeons, World Raids, and Coliseums can now be completed as a party
* Summoned World Raids may now be made private to you and your party
* Balance adjustments:
-- PvP opponents now must manage mana
-- Spiked Shield will now consume Ward on missed attacks
-- Status effects that cause damage per turn will affect each turn of casting multi-turn spells
* The Castle Keep upgrade now grants a Colisuem
* The Herbalist can now be made public
* View distance is now visible on the map
* New status effect display and icons
* Battles now include an overview and historic action log
* New specializations: the High Cleric, Time Mage, and the Chronomancer
* New spells and skills
* Tons of bug fixes and quality of life improvements