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Updates & Release Notes

Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: Sept. 12, 2022
* Core engine rewrite: the game is snappier and more lightweight
* New Origin Town building: the Appraiser
* New Fishing experience
* Current material counts now show in the Altar of Ascension
* Bug fixes, sprite updates, and other misc improvements
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: Aug. 31, 2022
* New classline: the Summoners
-- Find Horus in the world to learn more
* September content: Riftfall
* To lessen the chance of repeat matches in Kingdom wars, rosters are now slightly shuffled before matching
* Orns won in Kingdom wars are now determined by total battles (opposed to battles won)
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 08/04
Date released: Aug. 4, 2022
* Memory hunting: Less desired Amity traits can now only seed as the secondary or tertiary trait of an Superior+ Amity
* Zwei-Fencer: Added the "Sweep" ability
* Increased the heal rate of the Windswept status effect. Additionally, it can now be healed via the "Dispey" and "Clease" spells
* Exploiting multiple elemental weaknesses simultaneously via Omnimancy will no longer apply the weakness damage modifier multiple times
* Due to low interest and engagement, Live PvP has been removed from the Arena. Live PvP from the Allies menu remains
Orna: The GPS RPG
July Mechanics Patch
Date released: July 25, 2022
* New Specialization: The Zwei-Fencer
* Kingdoms can now receive orns from completing Kingdom quests. Additionally, completing Kingdom quests will contribute to a Kingdom’s level
* The Bloodshift status effect now blocks healing, no longer deals damage over time, and its temporary stat boosts are rolled in to the effect itself
* Fixed an issue that may have caused the description of some Amities to have their shown values rounded up or down by 1%. This change does not effect the actual values in use during battle

* Follower adjustments:
-- Anubis: Replaced Lacunus with Fire Sigil, Ice Sigil, Earth Sigil, Lightning Sigil
-- Crow: Added Peck
-- Dog: Added Heal
-- Wolf: Added Bite, Great Heal
-- Hellhound: Added Doublecut, Mute, Threaten
-- Zu: Added Peck
-- Reaper: Lowered attack, added Scythestrike and Horizontal Slash
-- Twilight Wisp: Slightly lowered the heal chance
-- Fjalar: Added Aerial Barrage
-- Fafnir: Added Pray II and Revive III
-- Scruug: Replaced skills with Miasma, Wail, Winter Wind
-- Ebon Scruug: Replaced skills with Wail, Despair, Hubris, Miasma II, Winter Wind III
-- Cthulhu: Removed Drain II, Mindblast, Tidalseal, Tidalstrike, added Octoblast, Fey spells
-- Mighty Slime: Added Bastion III, Sortie, Provoke II
-- Ortanite Golem: Added Provoke II, Mend Wall III
-- Undead Golem: Removed Mend Wall III, Added Provoke II, Golem’s Fortitude, Ward of Bone
-- Fey Dragon: Replaced skills with Winter Wind II, Natura II, Wildfire II, Chain Lightning II
-- Storm Dragon: Added Chain Lightning
-- Ice Dragon: Added Winter Wind
-- Fire Dragon: Added Wildfire
-- Earth Dragon: Added Natura
-- Dark Dragon: Replaced skills with Sleep, Casted Shadows, Nightmare
-- Griffin & Mighty Griffin: Added the Tempest and Tempest II skills
-- Pegasus: Added Pray, Revive
-- Great Pegasus: Added Pray II, Revive III
-- Dark Pegasus: Added Casted Shadows II
-- Turul: Added Aerial Barrage, Peck
-- Colossus: Replaced skills with Protection II, Onslaught, Stone Stare
-- Cerberus: Added Appease II
-- Warg: Added Appease
-- Gwyllgi: Added Appease II
-- Dire Wolf: Added Appease II
-- Steward Wolf: Added Appease II
-- Succubus: Added Haste+
-- Harpy: Added Haste

* New Followers:
-- Great Reaper
-- Living Sword/Breathing Sword
-- Living Dagger/Breathing Dagger
-- Living Hammer/Breathing Hammer
-- Living Armor/Breathing Armor
-- Living Arsenal/Living Arch-Armor
-- Mammon Acolyte

* Improvements to Follower AI
-- Followers can now make more intelligent situational decisions
-- Followers can now make more appropriate decisions when in Party Play

* Improvements to Memory Hunting:
-- Increased the memory interaction range to 250 meters
-- Fixed an issue that could cause shattered memories to spawn on water
-- Improvements to memory hunt seed generation
-- Memories are now visible on the “Items” layer instead of “Events” layer
-- Slightly decreased the effectiveness of the Hybrid skill Amity trait
-- Unlocked some additional Amity effects

* Removed the warmup turns of Diffuse Ward I & II. Lessened the warmup turns on Diffuse Ward III
* A few new items, monsters, and skills
* Increased the amount of PvP brackets for T10/T11 players
* The T11 arena drop pool is now equal to the T10 drop pool
* Slightly tightened Kingdom War matchmaking criteria
* Follower names and renamed area names are no longer shown when a player is blocked
* Addressed some performance issues in Other Realms
* Bug fixes
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: July 21, 2022
* August content: Get ready for dragons!
* Assets for the July Mechanics Patch
* New monster sprites
* Memories now show on the "Items" layer
* Bug fixes