Release Notes

Feb. 27, 2019
* March raid
* Area control adjustments
 - Defending power is now based on player, kingdom, and faction influence
 - Rewards are based on all player activity within controlled areas
* SFX overhaul
* Kingdom war matchmaking improvements
* Other misc bug fixes and improvements
Feb. 12, 2019
* Timed Events
* Daily quests are now auto-accepted
* Daily quests now adhere to user timezones
* New sprite packs
* New monsters and items
* Misc bug fixes and improvements
Feb. 2, 2019
* Fresh coat of paint
* New Specialization classes
* New monsters and items
* Followers can now be "released", refunding some orns
* The keep can now store more followers
* Compass marks can now be removed
* Some orns are now rewarded on Kingdom war defeat
* Other misc bug fixes and improvements
Jan. 19, 2019
* Multiple raids can now be active at a time
* Added Daily Quests
* New building type: the Alchemist
* Reduced memory usage to avoid crashes on longer playtimes
* Compass guides can now be added for certain points of interest
* Visual and passive changes to the Gaia class
* Buffed the Steadfast passive
* Added plenty of new followers
* New items
* New notification options
* Adjusted some class sprites
* Other misc fixes and improvements
Dec. 29, 2018
* Tier 7 & Tier 8 classes
* New bosses
* New Tier 3 raid: Dracon
* Increased drop rates for rarer items
* Improved Sword in Stone rewards
* New UI for changing classes and specialization
* Dex/miss adjustments
* Misc bug fixes and improvements
Dec. 16, 2018
* GPS improvements
* Holiday sprite pack
* Bug fixes and improvements
Dec. 8, 2018
* New monsters
* New spells (and multi-round spells)
* New weapons
* Added an option to roughly show area bounds
* Autodismantle will now favour the more rarer of an item's materials
* Participating in raids now requires 24 hours of kingdom membership
* Added bulk dismantle/drop options to the inventory menu
* Bug fixes and improvements
Nov. 26, 2018
* Class balance adjustments: reworked the passive abilities of Tier 5 & 6 classes
* Battle server connectivity/reconnection improvements
* New monsters, bosses, and gear
* Fixed a gauntlet issue that may have resulted in statuses being applied erroneously
* Fixed a quest tracking issue when multiple quests are accepted with similar requirements
* Quests now award experience
* Misc bug fixes
Nov. 18, 2018
* Quests, NPCs, and lore
* New classes: Blademaster, Battlemage, Grand Mystic
* New Raid: Arthus
* New followers
* New gear and items
* Items can now be stored in the Keep
* Dungeons (world gauntlets) can now be found in the world
* Inventory UI improvements
* Area names can now be reported
* Bug fixes
Nov. 5, 2018
* Gauntlet improvements
  - Gauntlets are now available on a 6 hour cooldown
  - UI improvements
* New monsters, bosses, and gear
* Kingdoms can now have their King changed
* Bug fixes
Oct. 29, 2018
* Gauntlets
* New monsters and gear
* Misc bug fixes and improvements
Oct. 21, 2018
* Gear and spell loadouts (World, PVP, Raids)
* New item: the Affinity Candle, which allows players to seed only their tier of monsters
* New UI for Area Control
* Added Super Potions
* Added option to surrender from a Raid
* Boss balance adjustments
* Raids now give all participants XP
* Misc other improvements
Oct. 14, 2018
* New class: The Majestic
* New raid: Fomor
* New boss and monsters
* Adjustments to Kingdom matchmaking
* Added an attack log to raids
* Misc bug fixes and improvements
Oct. 3, 2018
* Added Pendants that grant status immunitiy
* Added max amount of gold won in the arena
* Fixed an issue where clan wars won did not contribute to the ranking as much
* Adjusted the polymath achievement so it no longer requires purchasable classes
* Misc tweaks and bug fixes
Sept. 30, 2018
* Raids, raid weapons and equipment
* Improvements to Kingdom management
* Kingdoms can no longer be destroyed while at war
* Kingdoms now have a level
* Tier 9 (level cap increased to 225)
* Bug fixes and improvements
Sept. 23, 2018
* Kingdom wars
* New monsters and content
* Misc tweaks and bug fixes
Sept. 13, 2018
* Initial release of Kingdoms (guilds). Players can join and create kingdoms, then claim land and gold for it. More to come...
* A few new monsters and a boss
* Dex now accounts for chance to hit as well as chance to miss
Sept. 8, 2018
* Area income overhaul - controlled areas can now generate gold, orns, items, or materials over time (as they are visited)
* Buildings now cost materials and are now constructed from the area UI
* Gold in the keep now converts to daily income
* Shrines can now be purchased from the shop
* A faction reset can now be purchased from the shop
* Damage indicators now use colour to identify element weaknesses/strengths
* Other misc tweaks and bug fixes
Sept. 2, 2018
* New subclass: the Berserker
* Unstable magic now deals more damage, but can self damage/debuff
* Bug fixes regarding GPS services and location detection
Aug. 23, 2018
* Arena overhaul
 - Battling in the arena no longer steals gold from opponents
 - Winning in the arena gives access to unique items, gear, and materials
 - The arena now requires the use of tokens to battle (every player will be given 10 with this update)
* Owned buildings can be moved/relocated
* The skill menu now allows sorting
* Full Bend and Dragonslayer now do more damage
Aug. 21, 2018
* Subclasses can now be changed
* Added stat breakdowns for subclasses
* Slight balance adjustments to some spells
* Bug fixes
Aug. 20, 2018
* Added character subclasses (must be level 100)
* Removed compass option to address memory issues and softlocks
* UI updates, including new character menu and effects
* Autoheal can now be used by holding the quick item button
* New spells and new mechanics for multi damage skills
* Bug fixes
Aug. 11, 2018
* Tier 8 monsters and gear
* Improved gear stat display in inventory and shop menus
Aug. 8, 2018
* New weapons and armor
* Monsters will now seed at your tier more frequently
* New building type: the Inn/Tavern (this building only seeds in the world and is not purchasable)
* Spells that drain HP now drain a percentage of damage dealt
* Misc bug fixes & improvements
Aug. 2, 2018
* New boss, weapons, and content
* Improved the area icon for areas in which you own
* Added some new alternative sprites
* Added resource gathering points to the map
* Other bug fixes and improvements
July 29, 2018
* Added purchasable sprite packs to customize your character's appearance
* The map can now rotate with your device's compass
* Added the ability to rename followers
* Misc content, bug fixes, and improvements
July 23, 2018
* Orna is now available in areas of Europe, Australia/Oceania, and South America
* Quick heal menu now only contains healing items and requires a long press
* Dragoon's passive (now "Slayer") now scales stats with bosses defeated
* Bug fixes & misc improvements