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Server patch: 9/27
発行日: 9月 27, 2022
* Balance adjustments to Blood Pact
-- Damage will now be more dependent on your magic stat, preventing the issues of unlevelled equipment doing higher than expected damage
* Prep for October content
* Renamed "Raise Dead" to "Summon Dead"
* Fixed an issue that may have caused the "Daily Income" dialog to not show for some players
* Performance improvements
Server Patch: 9/15
発行日: 9月 15, 2022
* To differentiate with Summoner spells, the "Summon Dead" spells have been renamed to "Nekrosis"
* Origin Town building placements are now better preserved when moving your Origin Town to a new location
* Gilgamesh balance adjustments:
-- Spiked Shield: this skill now has the highest penetration of the Spiked Shields, but consumes less Ward. Additionally, it now has a static 5% miss chance.
-- Spiked Shield II: this skill now has the higher penetration than before, consumes less Ward, and has a static 5% miss chance.
-- Spiked Shield III: this skill now has slightly more penetration than before and has a static 5% miss chance.
-- Guarding Strikes II, Guarding Strikes III: these skills now have more penetration and uses less mana.
-- The HP (and therefore Ward) of Gilgamesh was slightly increased
* Summoner classline balance adjustments
-- Increased the turn speed of all summons in battle (this was actually included in v3.3)
-- Blood Pact II is now a 1 turn spell
-- Blood Pact III is now a 2 turn spell
-- Life Pact II is now a 1 turn spell
-- Life Pact III is now a 2 turn spell
-- Achlys Pact is now a 1 turn spell
-- Rhada Pact II is now a 1 turn spell
発行日: 9月 12, 2022
* Core engine rewrite: the game is snappier and more lightweight
* New Origin Town building: the Appraiser
* New Fishing experience
* Current material counts now show in the Altar of Ascension
* Bug fixes, sprite updates, and other misc improvements
発行日: 8月 31, 2022
* New classline: the Summoners
-- Find Horus in the world to learn more
* September content: Riftfall
* To lessen the chance of repeat matches in Kingdom wars, rosters are now slightly shuffled before matching
* Orns won in Kingdom wars are now determined by total battles (opposed to battles won)
Server patch: 08/04
発行日: 8月 4, 2022
* Memory hunting: Less desired Amity traits can now only seed as the secondary or tertiary trait of an Superior+ Amity
* Zwei-Fencer: Added the "Sweep" ability
* Increased the heal rate of the Windswept status effect. Additionally, it can now be healed via the "Dispey" and "Clease" spells
* Exploiting multiple elemental weaknesses simultaneously via Omnimancy will no longer apply the weakness damage modifier multiple times
* Due to low interest and engagement, Live PvP has been removed from the Arena. Live PvP from the Allies menu remains