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Updates & Release Notes

Server Patch: 12/22/2023
Date released: 12/22/2023
* Cosmetic Follower options add to the Runeshop, starting with our "Festive" Chimeras
* Last Martyr gear is now functional with respect to the World Anguish Level
* Introduced guild Karma to the Monumental Guild, ensuring item forfeits made from current event items will prioritize better item rolling results
* Raid introduction quest added in Tier 7
* Support for an updated January event
* Reduced the HP of earlier tier World Raids
* Event monsters are now highlighted in the Monument map (updated app required)
* Event summons are now found in the Monumental Guild Hall
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 11/29/2023
* Exploration (Deep) Dungeons
-- Both Goblin Fortress and Mystic Cave dungeons are now completed in "Exploration" mode, allowing players to choose their battles, mine for progress, and earn rewards underground
* New Guild: The Spelunking Guild
-- This Guild rewards players for interacting with Exploration Dungeons
* New Guild: The Monumental Guild
-- This Guild rewards players for interacting with limited time World Events
-- This Guild is now an additional way to unlock World Event gear and followers
-- Additionally, this Guild rewards players for completing any Raid via additional Proofs of Felling
* New Guild: The Seer's Guild (accessible at the Oracle Temple)
-- This Guild offers additional rewards for players that enjoy Memory Hunting
* New content type: Monuments
-- Monuments offer a an additional way to interact with limited time World Events, while rewarding players with proofs for interacting with event content
-- They are a solo player experience found throughout the world
* World seeding adjustments: both Monuments and Towers of Olympia are now dispersed more evenly throughout the world
-- This change will reset the current week's Tower locations
* Overhaul of the Replica Titan followers
* New inventory tab: Currencies
* Bestial Bond Level 1 can now be attained via Amity traits
* The "Gauntlet Key" has been renamed to "Skeleton Key"
* Improved the display of followers found in shops, allowing easy access to their Codex entries
* AI improvements
* Bug fixes and minor improvements

Balance adjustments:
* Spells the have lowered PvP damage now reduce the damage before defense is applied (opposed to after)
-- The change ensures that defense values are correctly applied to the reduced power
-- [PvP] Reduced the damage of Fey Cataclysm, Fey Fulmination, Fey Glacier, Fey Inferno
Balance & Mechanics: October 2023
Date released: 10/18/2023
* New passive for the Warrior classline: Collateral Damage
-- Knight: Added passive "Collateral Damage"
-- Centurion: Replaced passive "HP Step" with "Collateral Damage"
-- Spellsword: Replaced passive "Mana Step" with "Collateral Damage"
-- Adept: Replaced passive "EXP Step" with "Collateral Damage"
-- Majestic: Added passive "Collateral Damage II"
-- Blademaster: Added passive "Collateral Damage III"
-- Majistrate: Replaced passive "Critical Hits" with "Collateral Damage III"
-- Atlas Vanguard: Replaced passive "Siphon Ward" with "Collateral Damage III"
-- Titanguard: Replaced passive "Siphon Ward II" with "Collateral Damage IV"
-- Gilgamesh: Renamed passive "Siphon Ward II" to "Siphon Ward"
-- Gilgamesh: Added passive "Collateral Damage V"
-- Added Collateral Damage bonus effects to a variety of existing Warrior classline weapons
-- Added bonus dexterity to a variety of existing lategame Warrior classline armor

* [Blades of Finesse] Items that increase the effectiveness of defending in battle will be less effective
* [PvP/PvE] Fixed an issue that caused items that increase the effectiveness of defending in battle to stack too effectively
* [Blades of Finesse] Avidity: can no longer proc in the first round of battle
* [Blades of Finesse] Debilitating status effects (effects that provide less than 50% chance to act) are now much less likely to proc on the first 2 rounds, then half as likely to proc on remaining rounds
* [Blades of Finesse] Beowulf Auriga's double follower action cannot occur on the first round of battle
* [PvP/PvE] Pendulus: No longer 100% chance to delay a turn
* [Blades of Finesse] Reduced AI controlled opponents' HP in the earlier tiers
* [PvP/PvE] Introduced the "Timeless Pendant" to the PvP drop pool. It provides immunity to Stasis
* [PvP/PvE] Added Stasis immunity to: Amadan's Staff, Aegis, True Aegis of Athena

* Kingdom raids limits are now strongly enforced through in-battle damage limits
* Removed the 5000 on-hand item limit
* Quests can now accept items under level 10
* Fixed an issue with guild shop material seeds (this may reset today's materials available to you)
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 09/27/2023
* New Guild: The Blades of Finesse
* New Guild: The Titanfelled Guild
* New Building: The Grand Market
* Customizable quick item menu
* Players can now freely return to their Origin Town Wayvessel
* New October content
* The Heart of Change: an item to refund all ascension levels of a single class
* World NPCs are now better dispersed and rotate every week
* Towers of Olympia now grow in a way that does not favour single timezones
* Sprite updates, bug fixes, and more
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server Patch: 8/30/2023
Date released: 08/30/2023
* Traveler's intuition rewards no longer seed when you aren't actively playing. Thus, players can no longer hit the daily intuition cap when the app is backgrounded
* Medea is now found at the end of any dungeon type
* Reduced the stone costs of some buildings
* Dungeons expiring no longer contribute to your remote continue options
* Serverside support for the upcoming Deep Dungeons and Blades of Finesse features
* Misc bug fixes
Server Patch: 7/25/2023
Date released: 07/25/2023
* Lessened the HP of the T7-T8 Ragnarok raids
* Increased the HP of the Jormungandr raids
* Gerd's items: increased Bestial Bond bonus, added Ward to all pieces
* Menja's Shield: Added Stunned immunity, decreased Ward penalty, increased Resistance
* Menja's Warstaff: Added T.Att/T.Mag buffs, increased View Distance to 20%
* Menja's Hood and Menja's Battlerobe: Added Magic stat
* Fenja's Grimoire's: Added adornment slots
* Bloodwarg, Spiritgarm, Stonewarg followers: updated movesets, introduced unique Bestial Bonds for each
* Bloodwarg, Spiritgarm, Stonewarg summons: updated movesets
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 07/04/2023
* New Guild Added: The Traveler's Guild
-- Uses your device's pedometer to track steps, earning you additional rewards
-- Google Fit/Apple Health integration to come at a later date
* New Guild Added: Circle of Anguish
-- Earn rewards by increasing your world's difficulty
* Towers of Olympia movement overhaul
* Quick Follower Swap: available in Wayvessels, Other Realms and Towers of Olympia
* Revamped chat system
* Kingdom Pacifist Mode – You can now disable Kingdom Wars for your Kingdom
* Many additional bug fixes and improvements
Server Patch: 6/28
Date released: 06/28/2023
* The Training Cactus no longer has elemental weaknesses or resistances
* Support for the upcoming Guilds features
* Bestial Bond updates:
-- Stonefire is no longer split damage
-- Coral Varmint: Skill kit updated to reflect its change to the critical striker Bestial Bond
-- Fenrir: Skill kit updated to reflect its change to the critical striker Bestial Bond
-- Hybrid damage Bestial Bond added
-- Defender Bestial Bond now added temp defense buffs at Level 2
-- Critical striker bond: Re-added attack stat bond
-- Balor followers now have additional magic stat to support Bestial Bond given skills
Orna: The GPS RPG
2023 H1 Balance & Mechanics Patch
Date released: 05/31/2023
Damage multiplier: what the community refers to as “penetration”
Damage output: post defense damage adjustment

Summoner Classline

[PvP] Blood Pact I/II/III: Capped maximum damage multiplier to 3.0
[PvP] Battalions: Summons are now less likely to protect the summoner in PvP battles
[PvE] Attuner/Grand Attuner: Decreased the chance that Battalions will protect the player in battle
[PvE/PvP] Attuner/Grand Attuner: Decreased HP
[PvE/PvP] Upgraded Summoner Hydrus/Grand Summoner Hydrus Battalions passive from I to II
[PvE/PvP] Summoner Hydrus/Grand Summoner Hydrus: Increased most player stats
[PvE/PvP] Summoner Hydrus/Grand Summoner Hydrus: The Hydrus passive now increases summoner stats as summons are defeated, but no longer gives the player a second chance

Titan Augments

[PvE/PvP] Steady Hands of Prometheus: decreased crit damage bonus to 10%, crit chance from 12% to 8%
[PvE/PvP] Steady Hands of Selene: Decreased hybrid damage bonus from 20% to 15%
[PvE/PvP] Two-handed Celestial Weapons now gain 1 additional augment slot

Thief Classline

[PvE/PvP] Realmshifter: All stats slightly increased
[PvE/PvP] Realmshifter: To better synergize with Resurgence, replaced Recharge II with Recharge
[PvE/PvP] Arcanic/Nyx/Realmshifter: New passive: Avidity. This passive gives these classes the ability to gain additional turns in battle
[PvE/PvP] Arcanic: Replaced “Critical Hits” with “Avidity”
[PvE/PvP] Nyx: Replaced “Saboteur” with “Avidity”
[PvE/PvP] Realmshifter Dorado: Added Avidity III
[PvE] Realmshifter Corvus will now keep its crit chain from floor to floor in dungeons

Valhallan Classline

[PvE/PvP] Beowulf: All stats slighty increased, Recharge passive removed
[PvE/PvP] Beowulf: Valhallan Dissonance now affects both the player and follower
[PvE/PvP] All Valhallan classes now have minor built-in follower AI bonuses, allowing followers to avoid using skills that may hit elemental immunities, etc
[PvE/PvP] When under an AI bonus, followers will now be considerate of offensive buffs when choosing a skill to use
[PvE/PvP] When under an AI bonus, followers will now prioritize dealing damage when opponent HP is low
[PvE/PvP] Valhallan classes: new passive, Bestial Bonds. The monster type of a follower now gives a variety of additional stats and passive effects

Other Classlines

[PvE/PvP] Deity Ara: Replaced Omnimancy with Unstable Omnimancy
[PvE/PvP] Deity Ara: Increased Steadfast to Steadfast II
[PvE/PvP] Gilgamesh Ursa: Can now wear thief gear

General changes

[PvE/PvP] Time Mage/Chronomancer: Added skills that can affect the turn order in battle
[PvE/PvP] Corrected an issue that caused spells like Deific Channel to be overprioritized by the follower AI due to it being both a ward upkeep and buffing spell
[PvE/PvP] Adjusted monster AI to allow better buff application for some particular monsters (Phaethon, for example)
[PvE/PvP] Ultimastrikes: Decreased turns required to 2
[PvE/PvP] Followers are now affected by your faction bonus
[PvE/PvP] Slightly reduce damage multiplier of all Ara Vesta spells
[PvP] Ultima: Decreased damage multiplier by 25%
[PvE/PvP] All Seal/Strike III elemental abilities can now crit
[PvP] Skills such as Perfect Shot can now be used to bypass Battalions and Valhallan
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 02/13/2023
* The Towers of Olympia
-- New Tier 9 and 10 content
-- Includes both GPS and Origin Town play
-- 5 new superbosses: the Titans themselves
* Tier 9 and 10 Celestial classes
-- These class aim to be sidegrades over current Tier 9 and 10 classes, offering unique playstyles
* Celestial Weapons and Celestial Augments
-- Alone, Celestial weapons may not seem that interesting. But, they can be customized to extreme levels using Celestial Augments, dropped by the Titans
* The Fishing Hut
-- New building that allows players to earn Coral from fish
-- Players can trade Coral for some rewards
* Inventory overhaul
-- Inventory is kept in sync with the server in smaller batches
-- These leaner batches greatly reduce the device processing power and RAM required by Orna
-- New management tools introduced, allowing greater management of larger inventories
-- Auto-dismantle options can now be found in the item bag and in-battle options
* The Benefactor specialization: a summon based specialization that trades their own prowess for that of their summons
* All dungeons types (including un-themed) can now be run in Horde Mode
* Item quests now take any quality of item
* Berserk enemies are now denoted in-battle when on low graphics mode
* Any kingdom quest can now be turned in by the Kingdom's officers
* Our new Runeshop is now live
-- EXP Potions can now be found in the Herbalist
-- Occult Candles can now be found in shops
* Graphical updates, bug fixes, and more
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server Patch: 2/13
Date released: 02/13/2023
* Over the next few days, Daily Quests will transform into our new Daily Activities, allowing players to receive buffs to item discovery, orns, or experience for completing daily activities
* Some NPC quests now autocomplete. Players do not need to find the NPC again to turn the quest in. Quests that require submitting items will not autocomplete
* The dexterity of monsters such as Fjalar has been reduced, allowing players to build enough Foresight to outspeed them
* The monster and summon AI is slightly improved, and now allows monsters and summons to buff their party mates
* Chests, shrines, fountains and other map clickables no longer show in Wayvessels, preventing visitors from taking them from hosts
* We're fully rolling out the new Runeshop. EXP Potions can now be crafted at the Herbalist and Occult Candles can now be found in Shops
Orna: The GPS RPG
2022 H2 Item & Mechanics Patch
Date released: 11/29/2022
Starting December 1st, Daily Rewards calendars will:

* Only include 8 days until the final reward
* No longer be tied to a month - they can roll over if you start your journey late in the month
* No longer have their progress reset until a period of inactivity has been reached
* No longer have their progress reset on a tier change
* Be unique to each player

* December content item adjustments
-- Candy Cane: Added 3% luck, +1 adornment slot, missing HP regen bonus
-- Caroling Lute: Added 3% luck, +1 adornment slot, Now causes Lulled, Gives 10% Follower Stats
-- Reinbow: Added 3% luck, +1 adornment slot, skills now miss less often
-- Sleighblade: Added 3% luck, Added Ward, +1 adornment slot, battles start with Ward active
-- Fancy Belt: Added 3% luck, Adds all weapon proficiency
-- Jolly Stockings: Added 15% Luck bonus
-- Lasting Lantern: added 3% Luck
-- North Star: added magic
-- Presents: now gifts random materials from world farming
-- Top Hat: Added 3% Luck, double handed weapon bonus
-- A couple new additions :)

* November content item adjustments
-- Palm Tree Branch (Aegir Stance) increase defense bonus and added a significant attack debuff
-- Arisen Willow Branch: increased Ward and decreased the follower act rate reduction, changed from "Staff" to "Archistaff" weapon type
-- Treecutter: Increased attack power
-- Arisen Olympian Joist: Increased magic power
-- Globe Holder: Added HP and increased Ward. When Atlas stance is active, defenses are increased
-- Ophion Banner: Greatly increased chance to disperse status effects

* August content item adjustments
-- Agathodaemon Hammer: greatly increased the damage dealt to opponent Ward

* Base game item adjustments
-- Increased the luck bonus cap to 400%
-- Eye of the Feyger: increased the chance to give temporary crit
-- Hydra Staff: Added increased summon power
-- Fey Chimera armor: can now be used by any class, increases summon power, increased follower stat and act bonuses
-- Fey Dragon Mage gear: Added summon power and protection bonus
-- Arisen Staff of Wolves: Added increased follower act rate
-- Added Ancient Fire Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Water Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Earth Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Dark Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Lightning Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Holy Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Silver Kris: Added Doublecut ability, Crit bonus
-- Rune Sword: Added Resistance
-- Fog Blade: Now causes Asleep instead of Blind
-- Mirror & Polished Mirror: Added Resistance, Reflect off-hand ability
-- Wyvern Blades: Added Sea Strike off-hand ability
-- Gorgon's Staff: Added Petrify chance, increased adornment slots
-- Black Dragon Armor: Increased defense and resistance, added adornment slots
-- Nekromancer's Staff: now increases summon and pact power
-- Lost Art: Now deals additional critical hit damage
-- Yeti Mightycoat: Increased Def and Res, added additional status protections
-- Imagination: Increased adornment slots

* NPC quest item adjustments
-- Hermes Coin Purse: Increased Gold bonus
-- Sala's Hood + Robe: Added Crit bonus and boss item scaling
-- Dalan's Hood + Robe: Added foresight, mana, and boss item scaling
-- Beatrice's Staff: Greatly increased magic power
-- Dudley's Hammer: : Greatly increased attack power, added Ward
-- Firepike: Increased view distance bonus to 23%, converted to hybrid weapon and can be equipped by all classes
-- Fail-not: Added a 50% never-miss bonus, greatly increased attack, added crit bonus
-- Nolan's Staff: Increased magic, added mana, increased Starstruck chance, added never-miss bonus
Orna: The GPS RPG
Date released: 11/29/2022
* December content and artwork
* New Keep feature: the training cactus
* Upscaled battle backgrounds
* Updated preflights dungeons, raids, monsters
* Improved graphics options
* Vibration options: All, Some, or None
* Sprite updates
* Bug fixes
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 11/07
Date released: 11/07/2022
* Monsters that are part of an event will ignore dungeon floor tier restrictions, making event content accessible to any tier of dungeon
* Monsters that are part of an event will now have a slightly better chance to seed on a floor in solo mode
* November's event questline now branches after Chapter 1.1, allowing immediate access to the Titans (without needing to farm Stardrops). This was the original intention for the questline.
* To address growing damage inflation concerns, a damage cap was added of 9,999,999 damage per hit. Let us know your thoughts on it in Discord!
Orna: The GPS RPG
Server patch: 10/04
Date released: 10/04/2022
Thanks a ton for your feedback on Feralia's hunt!

A few players have shared with us that they just aren't in a real life position to be getting good playtime at night -- be it from a new addition to the family, a new or demanding job, and more. This was compounded by the green rarity of the dropped items.

We get it, and have decided to ensure all pumpkin pail monsters will show at any time of day. Additionally, the rarity of the items will become "Common".