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Traveler's Guild

What is the Traveler's Guild?

The Travelers' Guild is a feature in Orna: The GPS RPG in which players can earn rewards by completing daily and weekly walking rewards. These rewards are introduced and shown in-game.

How does it work?

The Traveler's Guild uses a mobile device's built-in pedometer to track the steps that a player makes in a day or week. Devices that do not contain a pedometer cannot contribute to a player's daily steps.

Will it take the steps from my Health app, Smartwatch, or other wearable device?

At this time, the Traveler's Guild does not take step data from your Health app or any device other than the mobile device (phone) that is running Orna. This functionality will come in the future. At this time, a device with an active pedometer must be used to contribute to your daily steps.

How often are my steps synchronized with my character?

When Orna is active in the foreground of your device, your steps are synchronized with your character every 20 steps. When Orna is in the background, your steps are synchronized every 300 steps.


The Traveler's Guild is provided information about your steps from your device. Therefore, inaccuracies in step data will generally be outside of Orna's control. If you find that your step data is inaccurate, please refer to the following tips and guidance:

On Android devices, please ensure Orna is granted the "Physical Activity" permission. This permission is required for Orna to read your device's pedometer data. If you do not grant this permission, the Traveler's Guild will not be able to track your steps. Additionally, if your device features extra battery optimization controls, please ensure Orna is allowed to run in the background and have its battery optimization setting set to "Unrestricted" or similarly labelled option.

On iPhones, please ensure Orna is granted the "Motion & Fitness" and "Background App Refresh" permissions. These permissions are required for Orna to read your device's pedometer both in the foreground and background.

If none of the above guidance works for you and you have ensured your device has the necessary sensors, please provide all relevant information about your device and troubles to the #bug-reports channel on our Discord server.