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Updates & Release Notes

Orna: The GPS RPG
2022 H2 Item & Mechanics Patch
Date released: Nov. 29, 2022
Starting December 1st, Daily Rewards calendars will:

* Only include 8 days until the final reward
* No longer be tied to a month - they can roll over if you start your journey late in the month
* No longer have their progress reset until a period of inactivity has been reached
* No longer have their progress reset on a tier change
* Be unique to each player

* December content item adjustments
-- Candy Cane: Added 3% luck, +1 adornment slot, missing HP regen bonus
-- Caroling Lute: Added 3% luck, +1 adornment slot, Now causes Lulled, Gives 10% Follower Stats
-- Reinbow: Added 3% luck, +1 adornment slot, skills now miss less often
-- Sleighblade: Added 3% luck, Added Ward, +1 adornment slot, battles start with Ward active
-- Fancy Belt: Added 3% luck, Adds all weapon proficiencies
-- Jolly Stockings: Added 15% Luck bonus
-- Lasting Lantern: added 3% Luck
-- North Star: added magic
-- Presents: now gifts random materials from world farming
-- Top Hat: Added 3% Luck, double handed weapon bonus
-- A couple new additions :)

* November content item adjustments
-- Palm Tree Branch (Aegir Stance) increase defense bonus and added a significant attack debuff
-- Arisen Willow Branch: increased Ward and decreased the follower act rate reduction, changed from “Staff” to “Archistaff” weapon type
-- Treecutter: Increased attack power
-- Arisen Olympian Joist: Increased magic power
-- Globe Holder: Added HP and increased Ward. When Atlas stance is active, defenses are increased
-- Ophion Banner: Greatly increased chance to disperse status effects

* August content item adjustments
-- Agathodaemon Hammer: greatly increased the damage dealt to opponent Ward

* Base game item adjustments
-- Increased the luck bonus cap to 400%
-- Eye of the Feyger: increased the chance to give temporary crit
-- Hydra Staff: Added increased summon power
-- Fey Chimera armor: can now be used by any class, increases summon power, increased follower stat and act bonuses
-- Fey Dragon Mage gear: Added summon power and protection bonus
-- Arisen Staff of Wolves: Added increased follower act rate
-- Added Ancient Fire Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Water Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Earth Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Dark Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Lightning Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Added Ancient Holy Essence, dropped from Fallen Deity
-- Silver Kris: Added Doublecut ability, Crit bonus
-- Rune Sword: Added Resistance
-- Fog Blade: Now causes Asleep instead of Blind
-- Mirror & Polished Mirror: Added Resistance, Reflect off-hand ability
-- Wyvern Blades: Added Sea Strike off-hand ability
-- Gorgon's Staff: Added Petrify chance, increased adornment slots
-- Black Dragon Armor: Increased defense and resistance, added adornment slots
-- Chimera Stacatto: Changed buffs to T. Res ↑↑↑, T. Def ↑↑↑
-- Nekromancer's Staff: now increases summon and pact power
-- Lost Art: Now deals additional critical hit damage
-- Yeti Mightycoat: Increased Def and Res, added additional status protections
-- Imagination: Increased adornment slots

* NPC quest item adjustments
-- Hermes Coin Purse: Increased Gold bonus
-- Sala's Hood + Robe: Added Crit bonus and boss item scaling
-- Dalan's Hood + Robe: Added foresight, mana, and boss item scaling
-- Beatrice's Staff: Greatly increased magic power
-- Dudley's Hammer: : Greatly increased attack power, added Ward
-- Firepike: Increased view distance bonus to 23%, converted to hybrid weapon and can be equipped by all classes
-- Fail-not: Added a 50% never-miss bonus, greatly increased attack, added crit bonus
-- Nolan's Staff: Increased magic, added mana, increased Starstruck chance, added never-miss bonus
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