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Release Notes

Date released: Sept. 20, 2020

* Dual-wielding
-- The off-hand slot may now be used to equip a second weapon at reduced stats
-- New dual-wielding melee specialization: The Duelist
-- New dual-wielding mage specialization: The Sequencer
* French translations
* Added "Single Touch" map control scheme
-- Can be enabled / disabled in the game's options
* Fishing
-- You can now use Fishing Line near bodies of water to start a fishing session
* New Building: The Refinery
* Added an extra challenge for your Kingdom with Berserk Raids
* Berserk World Raids may now be found, granting additional rewards 
* Some followers now have "Protect Chance", granting the chance to protect the player from an enemy attack
* The Beowulf class now has the passive "Valhallan Protection", granting any follower protect chance
* New specialization: The Seeker (grants additional view distance)
* Graphical updates
-- New map textures
-- New sprites for some building types
* Fixed an issue where some coastlines may not contained water biome monsters

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