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Release Notes

Date released: Oct. 28, 2019

Server Adjustments:
* Increased World experience earned for Tiers 7-10 
* PvP stat balance adjustments
* Adjusted the ability for Kingdom Raids to be solo-ed
* Increased the quality and chance of rewards for Raid damage dealt
* New passives for Classes in Tiers 3-7
* The Eternal Light passive now charges over time played rather than time of day
* The Nekromancer now has the "Mana Rush" instead of "Second Chance", using mana to escape falling in battle
* The Kingdom leaderboard now favors recent accomplishments (raids, wars, etc) 
* Daily quests can now auto-complete
* Improved the passive abilities of the Arcanic and Freyja classes
* Tighter Kingdom War matchmaking
* Fixed followers' usage of Ward recovery skills

Game Updates:
* Kingdom Gauntlets
* More information about Class options is shown in the Character menu
* Tier 9 Classes
* New specializations (Tiers 5, 7, 9)
* Jobs can now be accepted from a Keep
* November content
* New rare building: the Bazaar (it sells random items)
* Tablet UI adjustments
* Improved inventory management in Keeps and Outposts
* Improved inventory management performance
* Other participating members of Boss or Raid battles are now shown in battle
* Added the option to buy back recently sold items
* Weapon enchantments can now be removed at an Alchemist or Demonforge
* Spell or Skill power is now shown when viewing spells (adjusted to your current equipment)
* Battles can now be initiated immediately when long pressing a monster
* Misc UI improvements and bug fixes

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