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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my character?
Being a GPS game, you can move your character in-game by moving in the real world.
Are you ever going to add item trading to the game?
As of right now, no. Item trading introduces an economy that conflicts with the ideals in Orna and removes too much difficulty.
Why do some dukes show as ghosts?
When a duke has not visited their owned area in some time, a ghost takes their place. Ghosts are significantly easier to defeat for their areas.
How do I defeat (monster)?
Try something new. Most enemies have elemental weaknesses and will take more damage when this weakness is exploited. Try elemental weapons or magic.
Can I use emulators or GPS mocking applications?
These tools are against Orna's Terms of Service due to location tampering features and may result in a banned or deactivated player account.
I have a new device. How do I get my character back?
You can resume your character and progress by using the "Recover character" option on Orna's title screen.

Frequent Problems & Solutions

I made a purchase, but didn't receive it
Unconsumed purchases can occur when the game is closed while the purchase has yet to complete. Attempting to purchase the same item again will restore and complete the previously incomplete purchase.
I have flashing yellow bar at the top of my screen. What does that mean?
A flashing yellow bar indicates that your character is moving too fast or is providing otherwise improper GPS locations. It will resolve itself over time as location data stabilizes.
Why can I not equip a certain piece of equipment?
Most equipment can only be equipped by a certain family of classes. Check the item out in your Inventory menu first to see what classes can equip the item.