The following list entails features or developments that are planned for the future of Orna. This roadmap is subject to change, and does not include every feature or development that Orna will see.
Release dates cannot be given for any item listed below.

New Features

  • PvE experience for area exploration and/or capturing
  • Inventory management and performance improvements
  • Map improvements
  • Kingdom chat and messaging improvements
  • Runes (equipment imbuement)
  • Herbalism (potion crafting)
  • Monster encyclopedia
  • Additional Kingdom management, leaderboard, and quality of life improvements


  • Tier 10 content and 250 level cap
  • Tier 9 classes
  • Additional weather & time based monsters and items
  • Tier 10 classes


  • Increased Raid difficulty, increase in Raid item drop rates
  • PvP balance adjustments