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(Beta) 3.0.0
Date released: Sept. 14, 2021

* Translations for Hungarian and Romanian
* Revamped battle system and enemy AI
* Themed Dungeons
* Live PvP in the Arena
* Refreshed menus and user interface
* Local party play: when players of a party are nearby, they can play the following together:
- The Arena
- Dungeons found in the World
- World Raid Events found in the World
- Coliseums found in the World
* Summoned World Raids may now be made private to you and your party
* PvP opponents now must manage mana
* The Balor Elite Kingdom raid is now known as Maelor
* The Castle Keep upgrade now grants a Colisuem
* The Herbalist can now be made public
* View distance is now visible on the map
* Battles now include an overview and historic action log
* Tons of bug fixes and quality of life improvements

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