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Recent News

Update: 2.8.12
December 12, 2020

* Translations for Spanish, German, Czech, Vietnamese, and Indonesian
* New world building: the Coliseum
* UI tweaks and improvements
* The current month's Daily Rewards now show in the World Hub
* Bug fixes and stability improvements
Update: Server patch: 12/6
December 12, 2020

* The Rot status effect now slightly decreases defense and resistance
* NPCs may give additional, randomly generated quests
* Arisen Morrigan can now be summoned as a very rare World Raid Boss
* Godforging
Update: 2.7.16
November 11, 2020

* Polish Translations
* Allies (Friends) list & messaging
* Decreased the stat penalty of dual-wielding
* Daily Rewards
* Bug fixes and performance improvements
Update: 2.6.7
September 9, 2020

* Dual-wielding
-- The off-hand slot may now be used to equip a second weapon at reduced stats
-- New dual-wielding melee specialization: The Duelist
-- New dual-wielding mage specialization: The Sequencer
* French translations
* Added "Single Touch" map control scheme
-- Can be enabled / disabled in the game's options
* Fishing
-- You can now use Fishing Line near bodies of water to start a fishing session
* New Building: The Refinery
* Added an extra challenge for your Kingdom with Berserk Raids
* Berserk World Raids may now be found, granting additional rewards
* Some followers now have "Protect Chance", granting the chance to protect the player from an enemy attack
* The Beowulf class now has the passive "Valhallan Protection", granting any follower protect chance
* New specialization: The Seeker (grants additional view distance)
* Graphical updates
-- New map textures
-- New sprites for some building types
* Fixed an issue where some coastlines may not contained water biome monsters
Update: Server Patch: 9/07
September 9, 2020

* World Raid drop improvements
-- Buff all Horsemen drops
-- Added passive abilities to most other World Raid drops
* Increased the damage and crit rate of Ultima & Ultima II
* Tier 9 & 10 content will now be available more consistently at level 250
* Gauntlets wins will now give less, but better, randomized gear & adornments
* The Freyr class can now use Mage equipment
* Performance improvements
Update: Buff Patch: 8/10
August 8, 2020

This patch includes the following Class & Specialization buffs:

* The Arcanic, Nyx, Realmshifter, and Heretic classes now deal more damage than others when landing a critical hit
* The Realmshifter class now has the passive: Saboteur II
* The Assassin specialization now has the passive: Last Breath (stats increase in battle when close to HP depletion) and now deals slightly more damage to Ward
* The Maji specialization now has the passive: Depletion (stats increase in battle when close to mana depletion) and has the skill: Great Meditation II (increased magic damage with the additional chance to decrease opponent resistance)
* The Pikeman/Shieldmaiden and Warden specializations now have Polearm proficiency and learn the skill "Shield Bash" and have the passive Shield's Up
* The Deity class now has Steadfast II
* The passive "Valhallan Dissonance" now has an increased chance for a follower to act
* The Bard and Charmer specializations may cause the "Lulled" status
* The Charmer specialization now has more mana and its skills have increased damage and cause effect chances
Update: 2.5.9
August 8, 2020

* Translations for Russian, Portugese (BR), and Italian
* Better map controls with zooming and a new view distance stat
* New graphics
* Kingdom Role/Permissions management
* The Scroll of Chaos
-- New consumable and weather type that attracts monsters from any weather/time condition
* Performance improvements
* Auto-dismantle options now work with Raid and Income rewards
Update: 2.4.0
June 6, 2020

* Decoration buildings
* Character titles
* New sprite packs
* Google Play Games integration
* Higher res backgrounds
* App size reduction
* Bug fixes
Update: 2.2.0
May 5, 2020

* World Raids
-- A new item, the "Summoning Scroll" can be found from completing gauntlets and defeating some rarer enemies
-- Using one will summon a Raid Boss in the world, somewhere within walking distance
-- Players must be playing at a walking speed to see Raid Bosses
-- They may occasionally naturally spawn in the world as well
Update: 2.1.3
May 5, 2020

* New Music
* Added an option to select the tier in Gauntlet/Dungeons
* Waystones can now be purchased in the Runeshop
* iOS 10 fixes
Update: 2.1.0
April 4, 2020

* Facelift & UI overhaul
* New monsters, items, and followers
* More dynamic content with weather effects
* Party chat (and @ messaging)
* The Keep can now be upgraded to a Fortress or Castle, granting new Origin Town capabilities
* Raid damage limits
* Map improvements and bug fixes
* (to be released) Kingdom Quests & Research
* More notification options
* Android 5.1 support
* More graphics options
* Performance improvements
* Bug fixes and other misc improvements
Update: Server Patch: 4/13
April 4, 2020

* Increased the window of chargeable passives and skills to 36 hours
Update: Balance Patches
March 3, 2020

* Increased the damage of Omnimancy spells
* Increased stats of Tier 9 faction classes
* Increased the HP absorption of Drain III
* The Berserk status effect now increases magic damage
* Increased the damage of chargeable spells in light of new charging mechanism
* New arcanist spells: Transference I, II, III: Deal non-elemental magic damage while recovering Ward
* Reduced the mana cost of Mend Wall 3
* Decreased the miss chance of Realm Strikes
* Decreased the negative status effect chance of Realmshift
Update: Server Patch: 3/29
March 3, 2020

* By popular demand, chargeable skills & passive abilities will now last 12 hours, but only include player activity within that 12 hour period
* To improve PvP balance, chargeable passive abilities will now no longer apply in PvP matches
* Ward recovery spells will now take multiple turns
* The Omnimancer will have a new passive "School of Avalon", rather than "Beast Mode". It will charge with magical opponents defeated
* Misc bug fixes
Update: 1.83.0
March 3, 2020

* 3D (Beta) map fixes and improvements
* Bug fixes