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Update: 2.2.0
May 5, 2020

* World Raids
-- A new item, the "Summoning Scroll" can be found from completing gauntlets and defeating some rarer enemies
-- Using one will summon a Raid Boss in the world, somewhere within walking distance
-- Players must be playing at a walking speed to see Raid Bosses
-- They may occasionally naturally spawn in the world as well
Update: 2.1.3
May 5, 2020

* New Music
* Added an option to select the tier in Gauntlet/Dungeons
* Waystones can now be purchased in the Runeshop
* iOS 10 fixes
Update: 2.1.0
April 4, 2020

* Facelift & UI overhaul
* New monsters, items, and followers
* More dynamic content with weather effects
* Party chat (and @ messaging)
* The Keep can now be upgraded to a Fortress or Castle, granting new Origin Town capabilities
* Raid damage limits
* Map improvements and bug fixes
* (to be released) Kingdom Quests & Research
* More notification options
* Android 5.1 support
* More graphics options
* Performance improvements
* Bug fixes and other misc improvements
Update: Server Patch: 4/13
April 4, 2020

* Increased the window of chargeable passives and skills to 36 hours
Update: Balance Patches
March 3, 2020

* Increased the damage of Omnimancy spells
* Increased stats of Tier 9 faction classes
* Increased the HP absorption of Drain III
* The Berserk status effect now increases magic damage
* Increased the damage of chargeable spells in light of new charging mechanism
* New arcanist spells: Transference I, II, III: Deal non-elemental magic damage while recovering Ward
* Reduced the mana cost of Mend Wall 3
* Decreased the miss chance of Realm Strikes
* Decreased the negative status effect chance of Realmshift