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Update: Balance Patches
March 3, 2020

* Increased the damage of Omnimancy spells
* Increased stats of Tier 9 faction classes
* Increased the HP absorption of Drain III
* The Berserk status effect now increases magic damage
* Increased the damage of chargeable spells in light of new charging mechanism
* New arcanist spells: Transference I, II, III: Deal non-elemental magic damage while recovering Ward
* Reduced the mana cost of Mend Wall 3
* Decreased the miss chance of Realm Strikes
* Decreased the negative status effect chance of Realmshift
Update: Server Patch: 3/29
March 3, 2020

* By popular demand, chargeable skills & passive abilities will now last 12 hours, but only include player activity within that 12 hour period
* To improve PvP balance, chargeable passive abilities will now no longer apply in PvP matches
* Ward recovery spells will now take multiple turns
* The Omnimancer will have a new passive "School of Avalon", rather than "Beast Mode". It will charge with magical opponents defeated
* Misc bug fixes
Update: 1.83.0
March 3, 2020

* 3D (Beta) map fixes and improvements
* Bug fixes
Edamame Reviews: Developer Spotlight
March 3, 2020

Odie was recently featured in a Edamame Reviews' Developer Spotlight. Check it out at https://edamame.reviews/orna-developer-spotlight-with-cutlass-software/
Update: 1.82.0
February 2, 2020

* New buildable building: The Jeweller
* New spells
* Added a layer selector to the overworld map
* Signup & login improvements
* Sprite updates
* Assets for T10 classes (classes to be unlocked at a later date)
* Assets for World Raids (to be unlocked at a later date)
* Bug fixes