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Update: 3.0.0
October 10, 2021

* Translations for Hungarian and Romanian
* Revamped battle system and enemy AI
* Themed Dungeons
* Live PvP in the Arena
* Refreshed menus and many user interface improvements
* Added an in-battle options menu to control visibility of some battle settings
* Added "Horde mode" to Dungeons, allowing solo players to fight hordes of enemies at once|
* The Arena, Dungeons, World Raids, and Coliseums can now be completed as a party
* Summoned World Raids may now be made private to you and your party
* Balance adjustments:
-- PvP opponents now must manage mana
-- Spiked Shield will now consume Ward on missed attacks
-- Status effects that cause damage per turn will affect each turn of casting multi-turn spells
* The Castle Keep upgrade now grants a Colisuem
* The Herbalist can now be made public
* View distance is now visible on the map
* New status effect display and icons
* Battles now include an overview and historic action log
* New specializations: the High Cleric, Time Mage, and the Chronomancer
* New spells and skills
* Tons of bug fixes and quality of life improvements
Update: Server patch: 6/24
June 6, 2021

* New World Raids: Yggdrasil & Arisen Yggdrasil
* Two-handed items may now grant weapon abilities
* (Balance) New Realmshifter passive ability: High Tenacity
-- Damage taken from self-inflicted statuses such as Berserk and Bloodshift can no longer deplete HP to 0
-- High Tenacity replaces Apothecarist III
-- Apothecarist III is now available to the Assassin specialization
* July content
* Preparations for Live PvP and party combat
* Performance improvements and bug fixes
Update: Server patch: 6/8
June 6, 2021

* Added bottles as drops to some monsters
* Added herbs as drops to Witch-like enemies
* Allowed level 250 players to share experience while in party, but not receive it
* Fixed an issue where an out-of-date global ranking might be seen on a player's profile
Update: 2.12.7
April 4, 2021

* Translations for Traditional Chinese, Dutch, and Norwegian
* Origin Town additions
-- Visit your party members' towns with the Wayvessel
-- Craft potions at the Herbalist
-- Build and populate your town with the Town Hall
-- Collect offerings from your villagers with the Citadel
-- Bring villagers to your town with Residences
-- (Endgame) Further increase your power with the Altar of Ascension
* You can now party with any Ally
* Character account management improvements
-- You can now have multiple characters under one email address
-- Passwords are no longer required
* Removed the previous "Low" graphics option
* Legacy item normalization
-- Please see https://www.reddit.com/r/OrnaRPG/comments/m9f9xm/sticky_marchapril_upcoming_changes/ for more information
* New help section with FAQ
* Regional chat
* New music: Origin Town + Boss
* Decorations can now be made public
* Visual and graphical improvements
* Bug fixes & stability improvements
Update: 2.10.7
March 3, 2021

* Japanese translations
* Saved equipment sets
* Autodismantle by tier
* Equipment with crit rate bonuses now have more of an effect on skills and spells
* Followers now cost gold until T8
* April content
* Added the ability to either extract or destroy adornments at the Blacksmith
* In-app widget to get help
* Added the ability to re-challenge completed Codex entries
* Multi-hit skills now show a damage summary
* Added new Kingdom option to specify Kingdom language and desired member activity level
* Extra T10 class sprites
* Players can now use fishing lines at nearby health fountains
* (Balance) Increased the Assassin's Assassinate passive action rate
* Bug fixes
Update: Server patch: 3/15
March 3, 2021

* Added NPCs to the Codex
* Bug fixes and performance improvements
Update: Server patch: 2/28
February 2, 2021

* Added Followers to the Codex
* Added status effects to the Codex
* Decreased the stat penalty when dual wielding weapons
* Added upgraded off-hand skills to some off-hand equipment
* Added new off-hand skills when dual wielding
* Added a new passive to the Sequencer: Quickcast
-- May reduce the turns required for multi-turn spells by 1 turn
* Increased the Follower storage limit in the Keep
* (Balance) Increased the chance for the Sequencer's doublecast to occur
* (Balance) Faction Statuses:
-- Frozen: increased the chance to heal and slightly decreased the chance to miss a turn
-- Rot: increased the defensive debuff
-- Burning: added an offensive debuff
* (Balance) Decreased the base Ward bonus of the Arisen Surtr's Cuirass from 12% to 8%
* (Balance) The Spiked Shield skills are now much less effective with non-Warrior classes
* New Kingdom war blessing: Blessing of Peace
-- Nullifies any other hexes and blessings used in a Kingdom war
Update: Server patch: 2/13
February 2, 2021

* Summoning Scrolls are now more likely to spawn a World Raid Boss of the player's tier
* Reduced the material and orn cost of the Keep
* Added the Master Angler achievement
* Fixed an issue that allowed the Kerberos's elemental alignment weaknesses to be overridden
* Fixed an issue that prevented the Bastion spell from increasing defenses
* The Coliseum is now slightly easier and now rewards materials
* Slightly increased the Beowulf class's stats
* Misc bug fixes
Update: 2.9.10
January 1, 2021

* The Codex
* Off-hand equipment may now grant special abilities
* Kingdom Gauntlets now require up to 3 defeats to be considered lost
* Area gridlines will now use colour to denote unclaimed or your own territory
* Quality of Life improvements including more spell/skill/item battle memory
* Faster bulk item dismantling/dropping
* Bug fixes and misc improvements
* Additional translations
Update: Server patch: 1/23
January 1, 2021

* Increased Defense and Ward stats for some Tier 9 & 10 World Raid gear
* Fixed an issue preventing Kingdom quests from spawning for level 250 Kingdom members
* Removed Drenched as a status immunity from some monsters
* Performance and stability improvements
Update: 2.8.12
December 12, 2020

* Translations for Spanish, German, Czech, Vietnamese, and Indonesian
* New world building: the Coliseum
* UI tweaks and improvements
* The current month's Daily Rewards now show in the World Hub
* Bug fixes and stability improvements
Update: Server patch: 12/6
December 12, 2020

* The Rot status effect now slightly decreases defense and resistance
* NPCs may give additional, randomly generated quests
* Arisen Morrigan can now be summoned as a very rare World Raid Boss
* Godforging
Update: 2.7.16
November 11, 2020

* Polish Translations
* Allies (Friends) list & messaging
* Decreased the stat penalty of dual-wielding
* Daily Rewards
* Bug fixes and performance improvements
Update: 2.6.7
September 9, 2020

* Dual-wielding
-- The off-hand slot may now be used to equip a second weapon at reduced stats
-- New dual-wielding melee specialization: The Duelist
-- New dual-wielding mage specialization: The Sequencer
* French translations
* Added "Single Touch" map control scheme
-- Can be enabled / disabled in the game's options
* Fishing
-- You can now use Fishing Line near bodies of water to start a fishing session
* New Building: The Refinery
* Added an extra challenge for your Kingdom with Berserk Raids
* Berserk World Raids may now be found, granting additional rewards
* Some followers now have "Protect Chance", granting the chance to protect the player from an enemy attack
* The Beowulf class now has the passive "Valhallan Protection", granting any follower protect chance
* New specialization: The Seeker (grants additional view distance)
* Graphical updates
-- New map textures
-- New sprites for some building types
* Fixed an issue where some coastlines may not contained water biome monsters
Update: Server Patch: 9/07
September 9, 2020

* World Raid drop improvements
-- Buff all Horsemen drops
-- Added passive abilities to most other World Raid drops
* Increased the damage and crit rate of Ultima & Ultima II
* Tier 9 & 10 content will now be available more consistently at level 250
* Gauntlets wins will now give less, but better, randomized gear & adornments
* The Freyr class can now use Mage equipment
* Performance improvements